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Agri.Bio.Mobility: the first agro-industrial chain for sustainable transport

Bologna, 25 May 2018 – At Fico Eataly World more than 200 companies have gathered today for the launch of the Agri.Bio.Mobility platform, a new hub designed to link together companies producing biogas/biomethane, road transport companies and companies that aim for sustainability as a distinctive factor in their activity. From now on, the farmer will not […]

Biobeta Sediment Check wins the Biogas Innovation Award in Germany!

The cerimony in Saxony at the 11th Biogas Innovations Kongress Bologna, 31 May 2018 – Italy über alles. It is from Bologna and belongs to the National Beet Growers Consortium (Cnb), the Bietifin Srl which won the 1st innovation award for the economic optimization of biogas plants with the Biobeta Sediment Check patent. The company was awarded yesterday […]



On July 13th in Confagricoltura Padova’s headquarters, a new project by C.G.B.I. (Confederazione Generale dei Bieticoltori Italiani/General Confederation Italian Beet Growers) was presented in order to promote the production of biomethane from local crops and by-products.  


BIOGASDONERIGHT’S AGRICULTURAL TECHNIQUES AND PRACTICES The last of seven meetings for professional training and information took place in Minerbio, in CO.PRO.B.’s prestigious headquarters (Italian leader in sugar production with brand name “ITALIA ZUCCHERI”), arranged by CONSORZIO ITALIANO BIOGAS (Italian Consortium Biogas).