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Biobeta Sediment Check wins the Biogas Innovation Award in Germany!


Biobeta Sediment Check wins the Biogas Innovation Award in Germany!

The cerimony in Saxony at the 11th Biogas Innovations Kongress

Bologna, 31 May 2018 – Italy über alles. It is from Bologna and belongs to the National Beet Growers Consortium (Cnb), the Bietifin Srl which won the 1st innovation award for the economic optimization of biogas plants with the Biobeta Sediment Check patent. The company was awarded yesterday at the Biogas Innovations Kongress held in Osnabrück in Saxony,at the DBU (German Federal Foundation for the Environment).

«Despite the fact that Germany has about 9,000 biogas plants compared to 1,555 of Italy (GSE, 2015) and despite the cousins ​​from across the border departed ten years before us, Bietifin – underlines President Italino Babini – has won the important international recognition prevailing on competing companies operating in various areas of the world. Our European patent is the point of arrival of a project started more than 3 years ago by the team led by the qualified experts and professionals Andrea Lanzi, Guenther Stocker and Tommaso Pirani».

Successfully used on over 100 digesters, the exclusive Bietifin patent receives the Biogas Innovation Award at the eleventh edition of the International Congress which consecrates the best technology of the year for the biogas sector. The idea of ​​Bietifin young Italian technicians got the better of over twenty finalist projects. The verdict of the scientific jury made up of professors from the main German universities confirms the validity of the patent for the measurement of sediment in fermenters and for the economic optimization of biogas plants.

Great satisfaction was expressed by the CEO of Bietifin, Gabriele Lanfredi:«The result is the fruit of the commitment of our young talents and rewards the strategy of Bietifin that every year invests a substantial part of its profits in technology and research in the biogas sector / biomethane, in line with the commitments made by signing the Paris Agreement and the process of decarbonising the Italian economy».

The Bologna-based company belonging to CNB, confirms its national leadership in services to biogas plants both in terms of quantity and quality.«Sediment Check – concludes Lanfredi – is the only system, worldwide, able to determine the positioning, quantity and type of sediment present in the tanks (fermenters) without any loss of production. This patent allows to optimize company income, making the system more efficient».