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The team BioBeta


BioBeta is the agro-energy sector by Bietifin specialized in the support for Biogas plants. The Biobeta Team is formed by agronomists, biologists and engineers able to improve the efficiency of the plants and guarantee the maximum profit.

Our results


April 2013

The business starts with the first 15 contracts of biological support.

May 2013

First trials with BioBeta Starter and Continuo.
(custom-chelate micro-elements)

December 2013

32 contracts of biological support,
35 contracts of micro-elements supplying.

December 2014

63 contracts of biological support,
70 contracts of micro-elements supplying.

April 2015

Launched a new service of electromechanic monitoring Service Plus.

July 2015

Partnership with Agripower (Industrial group Maccaferri) for
Biological support and micro-elements supplying on their plants.

September 2016

Official launch of the new service Sediment Check.

December 2016

109 contracts of biological support, 123 contracts of micro-elements supplying, 40 contracts Service Plus, over 60 tanks analysed with Sediment Check, 1.000 ha of beet for biogas.

June 2017

New service CH4. Consulting launched. Consulting for Biomethane projects.

July 2017

Agreement with Thöni group for biological supplying service on the realised plants.