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Supply of tailor made micronutrients


BioBeta® Micronutrients are trace elements useful for the optimization of anaerobic digestion: they are involved in biochemistry processes such as essential cofactors for biogas production or they take part of enzymes.

BioBeta® Micronutrients are innovative because they contain chelated form of trace elements or high quality inorganic raw material that have a very high bioavailability and excellent solubility inside the digester, instead of non-chelated micronutrients that are low bioavailable, caused by the possibility to form precipitates.

Furthermore, BioBeta® products do not contains sulphures or chlorides compounds and are not dangerous for operators and hazardous for environment. The innovative biodegradable packaging avoids any form of contact or inhalation by the operator. Thanks to their chemical form, BioBeta® products are added in biogas plant only once a week in a range of a few kilograms (3-5 kg)!

Specific integration with BioBeta® micronutrients leads to the optimized biogas production with less biomass, fewer biological problems and more saving money.

BioBeta products:


BioBeta® EMERGENCY is a standard solid mix made to fill, in a unique dose, the lacks of trace elements. They are concentrated and integrated for the entire fermentative volume of main digester.
It’s demonstrated that the integration with solid trace elements BioBeta® EMERGENCY in a unique solution solves a biological crisis within 24-48 hours, restoring an ideal concentration of microelements for the anaerobic digestion processes.


BioBeta® CONTINUOS is a solid mix of trace elements tailored for the real needs (previous analyses) and is useful to stabilize the optimum concentration. This product is added only once a week. Every 4 months the digester liquid is re-analyzed and the specific product is reformulated for each biogas plants.
The utilization of BioBeta® CONTINUOS solid microelements leads to a feeding plant flexibility: with a continuous integration, it is possible to change completely kind of biomass and/or trench silage in a less time (2-3 days) or feed only few times a day (high organic loading rate OLR each feeding cycle).


Using high quantity of sewage and manure could lead to inhibition of bacterial activity for excess of macro and micro elements (ammonia nitrogen, copper, zinc, ecc.)
Introducing Zeolite, a mineral of volcanic origin with crystal structure and high ion exchange capacity, in BioBeta products it’s possible to reduce the excess of macro and micro nutrients and improve quality of chelate structure.
Zeolite also facilitates mixing process in the digester and increases the fertilizer effect of digestate distribution by releasing gradually ammonia nitrogen and other nutrients.