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The synergies between agricultural sector and industrial sector

New development opportunities

Soil and agriculture on one hand, technique and industry on the other. Two poles, which often had a hard time attracting each other, can give birth to innovative growth opportunities, by merging the various competences.

Here’s the sense for the partnership, launched in July 2015, between Bietifin and Agripower, with the aim to offer 360° degree services for the Biogas world. The mechanical service is entrusted to Agripower, sub-holding of the Industrial Group Maccaferri (Officine Maccaferri, Samputensili, Eridania, Manifatture Sigaro Toscano, Seci Energia, Sebigas, Enerray, Exergy), a giant with a revenue of over 1.1 billions euros and over 70 Biogas plants realized of which 17 are partaken and directly managed; the biological service and micro-elements supplying is entrusted to Bietifin, with 20 directly managed plants and 160 assisted plants.
A global service, unmatched in Italy, where every product that is proposed to the market is guaranteed to have previously been verified and tested on 34 property plants.

In July 2017, Thoni Italia srl, Italian branch of the Austrian industrial group Thöni Industriebetriebe Gmbh (aluminium, environmental engineering, plant design, flexible tubes, industrial machinery production), with over 70 Biogas plants realized in Italy, entrusts the management of the whole biological service to Bietifin.

AB Energy, global leader in cogeneration, signed an important agreement with Bietifin for the engine service with exclusive conditions and rates, which can be extended to all the clients participant to Service Plus. Also, the memorandum of understanding provides for a combined research and development activity aimed at a continuous efficiency improvement of the cogeneration system and at the reduction of electric self-consumptions.

Bietifin participates and cooperates with Consorzio Italiano Biogas (Italian Consortium Biogas) for a total growth in the sector.